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March 28 2018

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Galapagos Island Vacations the Most Eco Sensitive Travelers Can Feel Good About

Nature and history await the eager traveler who treks the miles to explore the Galapagos Islands. Anyone debating an upcoming vacation destination will want to be sure a trip to the islands of giant tortoises are high on their list of possibilities. Rich in heritage, the exotic Ecuadorian archipelago should be experienced with as much possible reverence for the habitat they are. Enjoying the area's rich history, rife with pirates, explorers, and Charles Darwin himself, is possible because most of the group is preserved as a national park. Choosing a company to artfully construct and guide one's trip will easily provide one the trip of a lifetime.

Las Encantadas

Located 1,000 kilometers from the coast of Ecuador and right along the equator in the Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos Islands contain an enchantment only they can own. The islands boast a somewhat non-tropical environment, surrounded by uncharacteristically cool waters. The surrounding water temperature contributes to dense fog during the morning hours that often hide the islands from regular sight, thus earning them a description of "enchanted" or "bewitched." Fashioned at the joining of three tectonic plates and three major ocean currents, the islands provide a diverse array of scenery and animal life. Other than the giant tortoises for which they are named, the archipelago boasts the Northern Hemisphere's only penguins, along with marine iguanas, lava herons and cormorants, to name a few.

Touring the Islands

While there are multiple companies who provide explorers options for touring the Galapagos Islands, one company that has been committed to the promotion and preservation of the rich habitat for over sixty-five years is metropolitan touring. The company provides three ships for exploration of the area, each providing a mix of adventure and luxury. With a commitment to service and detail, agents develop tailored plans of travel for each client, focusing on getting clients to the area in a way that is most beneficial to preserving it while providing travelers' needs. Metropolitan has earned several awards for their work and is well respected in the region.

Nature, history, beauty and diversity await travelers in the rich Ecuadorian archipelago enhanced by Metropolitan Touring, a trusted source for responsible tourism in the area. Whether planning a return trip or deciding to visit for the very first time, explorers have options for their visit, including multi-day cruises or land stay vacations. Tourists can discover more galapagos islands info by contacting an experienced agent.

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